Hello lovely people,

As you can imagine this has been a challenging 24hrs with a lot of you questioning whether we will go ahead tomorrow. It takes a lot to stop me in my tracks once I get going as those of you who know me know all to well! 


This afternoon the decision was taken out of my hands as the marquee company have deemed it unsafe to come and put up the tents.


Without the marquees there can be no event so at present we have made the decision to postpone the event. This may be frustrating news for a lot of you, as it is for us (believe me). We realise that this won’t be a popular decision but hope that you appreciate mother nature is out of our control. 


So what happens next? We have spoken to site they are happy for us to reschedule the event as are the marquee company. We would have liked to have provided you with the date today however we won’t be able to confirm anything until the start of next week. We will be rolling everyone’s ticket over to the new date If you are unable to make it you are welcome to a full refund. 

We will email all ticket holders asap with the date so please if you can reply yes or no when that is received.


We would love to ask a huge favour and please let anyone who was planning on coming along know that the event has been postponed. We will be emailing all ticket holders, teachers, vendors and traders that provided an email address and posting on social media but want to make as sure as possible everyone gets the memo!


Something that unites all of us though is the practice of yoga, while we may not be practising together this weekend our yamas and niyamas remind us to foster some compassion and understanding for the position we find ourselves in. Much love to you all and we will be in touch asap 

Jeanette x

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