Welcome to Yoga Hub Fest

It is with much excitement that we welcome you back for our second year at our Coastal Valley home.


Yoga Hub Fest is about friendship, creativity, passion, love, controversy, bold actions, nature and community. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither do the people who descend on site each September. We embrace pure, unadulterated fun in all its forms. We curate with an open heart and an ambitious mind. Offering an inclusive haven where self expression flourishes.


We exist to inspire, challenge and enrich your lives. We believe that yoga shouldn't be a practice confined to a rectangular mat, our aim is to breakdown your yoga barriers and to inspire new ways of moving your body and mind!


Expect two days of adrenaline-inducing movement and boutique after parties. During the day we will be showcasing Yoga Hub fests talented community of teachers, therapists, musicians, and artists. Teaching you everything from awe inspiring yoga to circus skills. By night you will be treated to DJ sets while you party under the stars.


We intend for your time in the Hub to be treasured. What you feel and experience here should last forever.


Love, All at Yoga Hub Fest HQ x