Proudly Supporting Amazing Causes

Since the beginning of 2017, Yoga Hub Fest have been working in partnership with local charities to help raise vital funds to support our local communities.


We are working hard at HQ to help our charities reach their target over the coming months.


We thank all of you for coming along and helping support our efforts.  Please message us if you want to get involved or make a donation.


We greatly appreciate all of your support x

Last Chance Hotel


Our mission is to rescue

Our dream is that one day we won't have to


Animal rescuers don’t just rescue animals…….. Last Chance Hotel is building a sanctuary that will change the path and future of its animal and community welfare work irrevocably and immeasurably. 


The charity is based throughout Cornwall, rescuing special animals of any kind, including the sick and terminally ill. 

They come to us for rehab and either go to new homes or remain with us for life. Some just come to us for peace and love before they die, after a life of neglect & abuse. 


The charity strongly believes that all animals deserve the right to a good quality of life, no matter what health, age or behavioural problems they may have.


Moving onto a larger property will allow Last Chance Hotel to expand into a Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation program. It will enable the charity to enter into an Environment Stewardship scheme, nurturing and sustaining the local bio diversity of the land whilst treading lightly on our planet and leaving a legacy of success and caring. 


The charity works with social service and police units; alleviating the pressure, resources and finances of local and UK councils. It helps those caught up in domestic violence, providing temporary safe homes to pets and offering a stepping stone to families towards a safer, happier future without fear. Our support and donations to the elderly, homeless, and those affected by financial hardship or traumatic life changes allow owners to have choices, when perhaps their family and friends are no longer around or cannot help, and enable them to continue to care for their beloved pets in their loneliest hours. 


Our charity HUB shop provides a community outreach drop in centre for face to face information, advice and support. 


At Last Chance Hotel we are more than Animal Rescuers. 

We are social workers. We are environmentalists. 

We are counsellors. When you support Last Chance Hotel, you also support your community.


Together we can make a difference! x

Weʼre raising £20,000 to Help our friend Katherine get the treatment she needs to be able to eat again!


Katherine is only 23 years old and has endured a roller-coaster ride growing up with Aspergers and a chronic pain condition. She has always known that she wanted to become a veterinary nurse and her determination has enabled her to overcome many obstacles...


However, quite suddenly, in November 2016, Katherine became ill and rapidly deteriorated so that by the following April she could only consume liquid foods and even then, this caused her pain and frequently made her sick. In May 2017 a diagnosis was finally made of chronic idiopathic gastroparesis. Since then Katherine has been fitted with a succession of feeding tubes to supply her nutrition but this has not come without a series of complications such as infection. She also has to take a large number of different medications to control her symptoms and has had many stays in hospital to help with dehydration as well as manage her pain. She has had to give up many of her pastimes such as horse riding, playing badminton and only occasionally is able to walk her beloved dog Cassie.


Katherine has been very determined to continue to work because its always been her dream and brings her happiness and positivity. She is still studying to become a qualified veterinary nurse and has been passing her exams with flying colours even though she has been in and out of hospital!


If you have had the honour of meeting Katherine you will understand how special she is and how much she has always put everybody else first before herself. She is the most caring and strongest person I have ever met. However this horrendous diagnosis is severely effecting her mental wellbeing.


We hope to raise as much as we can towards the cost of an operation to fit a gastric pacemarker, as the NHS are not funding it. A gastric pacemaker works in a similar way to cardiac pacemarker, but the electrodes are implanted into the stomach wall.


The pacemaker will reduce her nausea, vomiting and pain, it would bring back the chance to eating and socialising with family and friends, which most of us take for granted. She can resume her favorite past times including her love of baking. Having more energy thanks to undisturbed sleep and a better nutrition would enable her to make the most of each day. Katherine would not have to battle through the complications with her feeding tubes or the side effects from strong opioid painkillers. Her life would improve for the better as she will be less reliant on medications and not be interrupted with countless hospital stays.


Our target is to raise at least £10,000 for the pacemaker and anything over this will go towards maintenance of the pacemaker, further research, and supporting charities to raise awareness of gastroparesis.


She is a genuinely wonderful person and deserves the very best in life. I hope that we can help achieve our goal and allow Katherine to taste actual food again instead of through a tube, something she hasn’t done for 2 years!

Daisy Does 2018 Banger Rally Challenge - Gib or Bust


Local lovelies John & Amanda are taking part in this year's Banger Rally Challenge. In 2016 they took on Vegas or Bust  with their old Daihatsu Fourtrak Daisy.  Raising hundreds of pounds for local charities.


This year's Rally takes them to 5 countries and 2 continents, finishing in Gibraltar.


In the lead up to Gib or Bust we are raising money for Devon Air Ambulance Trust.  A few years ago John fell off a wall into a silo on his farm and suffered a severe injury to his arm. Devon Air Ambulance airlifted him to Plymouth and saved him from a very long and painful journey by road.


The Devon Air Ambulance saves hundreds of lives each year, they can reach patients quickly in remote locations, which is essential service for our county. They need over £5.5 million a year to run the service, which entirely relies on charitable donations.


Please dig deep and donate as much as you can afford, this really is a worthy cause which many people like us benefit from every day.