Food & Drink

We are delighted to bring you some of the best mouth watering vegetarian and vegan food available locally!

Elspeth's Kitchen

We all want to have a naughty treat now and then to satisfy our sweet cravings. Elspeth's Kitchen is a company with a twist. We take our passion for healthy and wholesome ingredients and combine them together to make treats that are nourishing and nowhere near as naughty as they look!


In fact...

Everything is raw, gluten-free, soya free, dairy-free, vegan, refined-sugar free and completely delicious.

You can really have your cake and eat it!


Certified Organic and Fairtrade ingredients are always used where possible. 


Elspeth will also be delighting our taste-buds with her incredible turmeric elixirs and matcha lattes!

The Wild Food Kitchen

The wild food kitchen offers wild and rustic style catering created with locally sourced produce and wild foraged foods. We have a passion for food and our aim is to bring you a taste of the countryside with our gourmet delights.


Our ethos...

Former teacher and chef Matt Comley grow up on an organic farm in Cornwall and later lived and taught around the world including spending 5 years teaching and learning in Thailand. After returning to the UK he set up the wild food kitchen to bring what he had learnt into practice and tying in a close connection with nature that he feels is so important.


As a teacher on school field trips Matt became fascinated by the wild edible plants that grew along the cliffs and paths and how they where eaten by our ancestors as part of their regular diet. Over the years he learnt of the many different wild edible foods there were, their tastes and above all their nutritional benefits to those who eat them. After experimenting with different flavours and recipes Matt decided i wanted to share my knowledge and experience with others...


Why wild food?

Although we may not know it many of our wild edible plants are packed with goodness and beneficial nutrients that many of today's hybridised super market veggies have lost. Over the years our humble veggies have been bred to become larger and easier to grow but at the same time have lost the nutritional value that our bodies need to become strong and resilient. 


Not only are our wild edible plants good for you but so are the animals that eat them. Wild game such as deer,rabbit and wild fowl are high in protein and low in fat so therefore just what your body needs when your feeling peckish.


Yoga Hub Fest Menu...

  • Wild nettle falafel in a pita with homemade hummus salad and sauces.
  • Portobello and wild mushroom kabab with garlic aioli (optional) in a whole meal pita with with salads.
  • Rosemary wedges with homemade sauces and pickles

World Pizza

Like all great ideas, World Pizza Ltd started as a discussion between friends in a pub. Restless for adventure, Jonathan and Matt decided to combine their skills and knowledge and develop for you something wonderful.


Gourmet, hand stretched thin-crust pizza, a delicious treat to make you feel happy.


The boys were passionate about the ingredients for their pizza. They recognised that fresh, local, seasonal fare creates the best pizza. So to ensure that, they decided to collaborate with a local friend and small holder to grow their own herbs, vegetables and pigs in a secret location on the wooded hills of south Dartmoor. This will ensure their own farm to fork freshness on some of their produce from the summer of 2017.


The boys wanted to combine their love of travel, pizza and desire to put a smile on your face, so they bought Agnes, our beloved VW  Campervan. She is converted to cook pizza using an imported Italian oven, beauty!


However, the boys were none too sure about this capitalist malarkey, so decided to make a promise from the start to support and donate to a local charity with a percentage of their profits each year. 



They are passionate about pizza, we know you are too, meet you outside for some!

Choccy Churros

Mobile churros stall selling freshly made filled churros – The South American style doughnut.


Yoga Hub Fest Menu:

Filled Churros:

Nutella, Caramel, Oreo

Topped Churros:

Nutella, Strawberries & Cream Salted Caramel, Banana & Cream