Stop by our vendor village showcasing the very best independent, handmade makers and artisans from across Devon & Cornwall.

Or hand your body over to the wise hands of our holistic therapists, offering a range of treatments to compliment your practice.

Sounds Like Healing 

Reiki & Bodywork with Sound Healing

A deeply powerful and immersive experience during which individuals will benefit from these healing modalities working together to complement each other intuitively.

Reiki with bodywork/massage

Gentle body work will bring the healing into the physical body, to align body, mind and spirit. Working with breath and possibly voice to enhance the effects of the healing.

Sound Healing sessions

Experience the power of sound with this individual treatment. Immerse yourself in your own personalised Sound Bath. Great for de-stressing, balancing your chakras and enhancing well-being.

Dynamic Chair Massage

A relaxing and restorative treatment carried out on an ergonomically designed chair. This treatment combines a blend of traditional holistic massage, Shiatsu, Indian Head and Reiki healing. 


Sineads Silver Designs

Handmade silver jewellery created by Sinead in her studio at Krowji in Redruth, Cornwall


Cornish Flower Crowns

The original Cornish Flower crown

Bespoke hand cut, dyed or sourced artificial flowers arranged into gorgeous, fun and affordable crowns!  If you buy a crown at the beginning of summer your crown could be your partner in crime for all the festivals- imagine having a unique bespoke item that no one else will have?! PERFECT!



In Mexico the cacao bean is known as the Seed of Love because of its heart opening energy. Cacao as well as being full of nutrients and love chemicals, to help our bodies and minds, has wonderful energies that can open our hearts and spirits. 

Enjoy Alisons magical raw chocolate for her company mococu.

Olas Ocean Tribe

Olas is a lifestyle brand inspired by the ocean and nature. 

Olas leggings are are designed in Devon, manufactured in a small independent sewing house. They are made with a certified eco-friendlyfabric called ‘VITA PL’, composing of 78% recycled plastic bottles ♻ and 22% XTRA LIFE™

Committed to eco-responsibility and mindful of every decision made in the manufacturing process. Even the printing is eco-friendly using sublimation to transfer the artwork to the fabric without using a single drop of water.


The Healing Sounds Vibrational Therapy

Private sound healing sessions. 

Sound healing is a super relaxing and ancient healing practice that works on a deep cellular level. Vibrations from various instruments entrain or ‘lock in’ with your own unique frequencies, helping to reinstate balance and harmony on a physical, mental and emotional level. This encourages healing to take place naturally, helping to achieve a healthier and happier you.


I will hold a short consultation and be using tuning forks, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, small 20” Sun gong and frame drum, shakers and rain stick during the sessions. 


Niskama Skincare

NISKAMA skincare is a natural cosmetic company based in Cornwall, founded by natural medicine lover and pharmacist, Sylwia Wojtasik.

Sylwia believes that it is better to prevent than cure and what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put inside your body.


Healing Waves Acupuncture 

Healing Waves Acupuncture provides a private, warm, safe and clean environment for people wanting to improve their physiological or psychological health through acupuncture


Jodie Hansen

Holistic therapist, specialising in various types of massage as well as reflexology and energy healing. Using a variety of techniques to provide deep relaxation, pain reduction, injury prevention and increased overall wellbeing.  

Sophie Lutz 

In a previous incarnation I was a psychotherapist and have a Masters in psychotherapy and counselling.  Whilst tarot is by no means therapy, my knowledge and experience do inform how I read.  I take a psycho-emotional wellness approach: the tarot is a way to deep dive into our subconscious.  Effectively, the person having the reading is telling themselves what they really need to hear right now, via the cards and my interpretation.  I work intuitively, kindly and ethically.  There are no bad cards, only issues that we all need to work through at some point on our journey to get to where we need to go. 

Red Hand Henna 

Red Hand Henna uses hand mixed organic henna to create beautiful temporary body art. 

Rebecca Freeman is a self-taught henna artist who has been practicing the ancient craft since her teens. She takes inspiration for her designs from traditional mehndi motifs, folk art, fine art and design from around the world and the natural shapes and patterns found in her back garden. 


Essentially doTERRA oils

Facial and massage therapy using doTERRA oils, free advice on how they can change your life and at the same time help doTERRA build a more sustainable Earth and help people worldwide. 


Intuively choosen oils for each and every treatment. We are so individual in our needs my tailor made treatments will leave you feeling pampered, relaxed and truly glowing.


Wild Samsara 

At its heart, Wild Samsara is about empowering women to embrace their bodies in their natural form, and providing them with regular self-care moments which evoke self-healing. Whether that's an invigorating massage to stimulate our natural drainage system, relaxing aromatherapy to soothe stress, or energy healing which reconnects our physical, mental and spiritual bodies.


Tropic Skincare


Discover our multi award-winning range of skincare and beauty, freshly made in the UK using the most innovative, effective ingredients that nature has to offer.


Lisa Allen Holistic Therapist  

As a holistic therapist I believe in the link between our body, mind and soul and believe that if we care for the body, this has an impact on our overall wellbeing.

With this in mind, all of my treatments are tailored to bring balance and harmony to both the body and mind.

Relaxation is at the heart of everything I do.

Enjoy your journey to inner peace



Real people, making a real impact—all around the world. Our Mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes. We do this by creating Safe Havens in every home we touch as we help families live more sustainably and safer from the effects of harmful chemicals.

Whether it’s reducing chemicals or living more sustainably, it all starts with the understanding that every small, conscious choice we make makes a difference. Everything we do helps deliver on the promise for a brighter future . . . for everyone


The Bowen Technique is a gentle therapy which creates a state of relaxation by balancing tension patterns in the body.

Bowen encourages the body to reset, repair, realign, restore and balance itself. By working with the body as a whole, Bowen encourages the body to make the changes it needs, aiming to treat the cause of the problem rather than changing or treating specific symptoms. 

Bowen promotes healing on physical, chemical, emotional, mental and energetic levels, and there aren’t many conditions that it can’t improve.