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We are excited to welcome such a diverse and authentic line-up of yogis, dancers, martial artists, circus performers, aerial artists and our resident slack liner to Yoga Hub fest 2018.  Please read on for full session descriptions. 

Aimee Blackman

Exploring the Panca Maya’ –for anyone new to this subject matter we will be introducing a brief, general exploration of the panca maya- the five dimensions of human being. We will look specifically how they can be engaged with to inform physical, asana practice.

Then we will focus in on deeper exploration of one of these 5 dimensions by honing into study of the prana maya- the dimension of energy. This dimesion is home to the panca prana- the five energies.

This will be an accessible asana practice suitable for any practitioner.

This session will provide experiential connection to theory from the Taitiriya Upanisad by linking it into practice.


We will also incorporate simple chanting and bhavana (which means ‘instrument of becoming’) to promote deep concentration.

Chloe Alex Stock

This workshop is all about bringing length and flexibility through dynamic partner postures incorporating a mix of flowing sequences and long restorative held asanas for a bit of chill time. Come along and have some laughs and no need to bring a partner!

Chris Baker 

MindQuest is a journey into a higher state of consciousness through sound meditation and active breathwork. The breathing technique creates a physiological energy shift and the sound facilitates a psychological shift. When we achieve this altered state of consciousness we can recognise and release limiting beliefs, our trapped emotions or anything else keeping us stuck. It also gives us the space to gain insights into our hopes, dreams and highest potential. We open the session with an introduction to the process and intention setting. We then move into the sound journey meditation, which runs for one hour. After the meditation you will have some time to reflect on insights from the process and plan how you will integrate those into your life.

Circus ThirtySix

Partner acrobalance workshops for beginners and intermediates. We will be teaching how to use momentum and work alongside gravity to better your understanding of your body. It is not essential to turn up with an acro partner to the class.

Derek Gane

The Crystal Journey Using the beautiful 7 piece chakra crystal bowl set, we shall explore the vibrations and connections to our own chakra system with the aid of the mantra chant. We will explore how the sound can cleanse us and clear blockages and open us up to a deeper understanding where we will delve into a shamanic crystal bowl sound journey

Emma McKay - Elm Yoga 

30 minute Yin practice, 20minute gentle flow, 10 minute relaxation.

Yin yoga is based on the Taoist concept of yin and yang, opposite and complementary principles in nature. ... In the body, the relatively stiff connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, fascia) are yin, while the more mobile and pliable muscles and blood are yang.

Gillie Sutherland 

Wild Yoga

Unleash your true animal nature with some primal-style yoga based on natural movement.


The closer you are to nature, the healthier you are, and when we are wild, we are free. 


Working with the spirals in the body, this mindful but playful practise is designed to bring about freedom and flow in the body.


Move in the way that you were designed to move and feel the way you’re supposed to feel, when you are in your true, wild and  authentic state of being. 


Wild Yoga is brought to you by Gillie Sutherland of Flow Yoga Devon, a teacher and trainer with over 25 years of experience in the field of health and wellbeing. 


For more details go to

Helen Greenway 

SHAMYNIC YOGA Yoga is a path of freedom & to be free is to feel no fear. 'Shamynic' a play on the masc. & fem. to be in touch with the life forces that inhabit and generate the world & remember to PLAY! This is a lively, deeply soulful practice that aims to bring authentic connection through the whole self by 'being'. We recognise all is sacred by presencing the directions/elements as conscious co-creators. Within this space we step into our true source with drumming , mantra, upbeat movements and music flow/ holding asana, pranayama and medicine wheel Indigenous cultures know everything is intricately linked, and thus engaging in practices that draw on the infinite energy sources all around us we naturally energise & build our kundalini energy to awaken the light within….. We are our own shaman, shemyn, guru and we are all one....:)

Jo Thyssen

An Introduction to Acroyoga: AcroYoga is a dynamic partner practice that blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts.  These three lineages combined cultivate trust, playfulness, and community. We will be running an introductory session to give you an idea of what acroyoga is all about. We will start at the beginning, looking at the fundamentals of partner balancing, how to calibrate with the person you are working with and find connection, stay safe and have fun. Acroyoga is a fantastically fun practice that literally gives you the ability to do things that you may have previously thought impossible.

Kristina Hanson

Meditation for Creativity 

Meditation to unlock your inner knowing and well spring of creativity and joy. A heart led practice to connect with the source of your spontaneity and unleash a sense of freedom to bring new energy to your life. Take home techniques to bring to your every day life.

Lucinda Pimlott

Mixed Ability Yoga: asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation.  Lucinda sometimes calls the style she teaches: ‘ the Yoga of Life’ to encapsulate all

that yoga has to offer us in terms of guidance as we walk the path. May all beings be happy, may all beings be healthy, may all beings be at peace.

Marcela Almond

Hula Hooping

Rachel Simpson

The session will start with a warm up of joints by circling . Some Qigong to follow .

Then with a  partner  we wake up the Tan Tien which is the Gate of Fire.  We have a Dance of 184 moves we will focus on the first 10

Some more partner activity called Sticky Hands where we put the principles of Tai Chi to work using the principle of giving way to force and circling the energy between the partners .


Then finish with our Form another set of deeper movements which cool and relax the mind and we will start with 3 of the 42 sequences.

Nicole Claire Windley

Yoga with big sticks. A fun and playful take on Yoga with the assistance of 6 foot martial arts bo staffs.

Sophie Wire

Power Yoga: Sthira:sukha, strength:softness, effort:ease, exertion:surrender. Everything is better kept in balance, including your yoga practice. Connect to your inner fortitude and your physical vigour in this fun Vinyasa flow as we move dynamically around the mat, and then let softness in. This will be a challenging session with plenty of strengthening drills, which you can adapt to suit your energy levels and experience.

Sounds Like Healing 

We use the power of Sound, Voice, Breath, Body and Reiki with individuals & groups to reduce stress, restore balance and promote wellbeing.



To use the power of sound, the voice, breath, movement, massage, Reiki and bodywork to bring about positive effects for body, mind and spirit.

Suzanne Postings

Shivdev Kaur

Kundalini Yoga is a Tantric practice and those that practice aim to engage themselves completely and consciously in the flow of life. Kundalini yoga elevates your consciousness through meditation and the mantra, keeps you strong and flexible with kriya and radiant through the breath work that is paramount to Kundalini . If you love music and dance’ll love Kundalini Yoga and Shivdev’s love of music and dance is often reflected in her classes. Kundalini yoga is a science, a technology and for teachers a lifestyle of health, of selfless service and community. Obey, Serve, Love, Excel

Andrew Brian Blake

Rave yoga 

Let your senses be tantalised as we curate an incredible rave yoga collaboration for a festival journey you will never forget. Taking your feel-good factor to EXTREME levels! A creative fusion of banging music, fun, connection, and immense creativity!

Ali Fleming

Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

Come and drink the ancient cacao medicine and journey to meet the loving, gentle and powerful Spirit of Cacao. A beautiful guided meditation to open your heart and connect you deeply into your spirit to receive the healing, transformational and releasing power of the Cacao Goddess. An opportunity to deeply rest and allow yourself to let go, to be nurtured, held, guided and restored.

"Alison creates a safe and peaceful environment for the ceremonies. You start by stating your intention. Once you have drunk the cacao Alison guides you into an inner journey with a beautiful visualisation and nearing the end will guide you out again. The cacao opened my heart and allowed me to become aware of the areas that needed healing. The journey showed me how to heal. An incredibly nurturing experience “Maria

Caroline Stevens

Om-Weights Yoga™ combines weight training with the benefits of yoga, taking a fun vinyasa flow and teaming it with innovative exercises utilising dumbbells and ankle weights. The practice remains true to the traditions of yoga, incorporating pranayama (breath work), bandhas (energy locks) and meditation and providing an opportunity to de-stress, re-energise and re-connect. OWY is perfect both for gym bunnies who would like to increase flexibility and for yogis who would like to add an extra challenge to their practice. If you are looking for a class which provides concentrated strength training through mindful movement, and leaves you feeling sweaty, happy and uplifted, this is it! [Please note: the maximum class size will need to be 14, as I only have equipment for that many. People can have the option to bring their own weights if they wish, otherwise it will be first come, first served to use the available equipment. Weights needed are 2 x 1-2kg dumbbells, plus 2 x 0.5kg ankle weights.] 

Charlotte Richards 

North Indian Classical Dance: Kathak. Learn the fluid arm movements ‘Hastaks,' Mudra andexpression ‘Abhinaya’, telling stories through dance. Learn the movements to a Sanskrit poem: ‘Guru Vandana’ and a ‘Salaam' celebrating the Hindu and Islamic roots of this ancient dance form from the Lucknow region of India.

Dominique Preston

This will be a mindful flow practice focused on experiencing awareness in movement. Exploring the felt sense as the connection of mind and body...physical movement that is challenging yet sustainable and a big focus on breath and movement as a way to keep our bodies fluid and free and our minds a little less crayzeee! 

Dominique Preston & Kate Alpe

RESTORATIVE YIN & SOUNDS IMMERSION Yin & Sounds is a deep and powerful blend of restorative yin yoga and ancient healing sounds. These profound immersions will bring your entire being into a state of complete relaxation. The tradition of yin yoga invites the body to drop in to deep inner stillness, while the transformational and healing qualities of drum vibration, singing bowl, gong, crystal bowl, koshi chimes and more allow the body to reach a state within which natural healing can take place; making for a truly magical yin & sounds experience.

Georgina Fearn

Asana, pranayama and meditation – Sunrise Session We will explore the symbolic meaning of the Shiva Nataraja; creation, maintenance and dissolution; experiencing these throughout a gentle asana and pranayama session. We will then in sit in meditation, diving into that which holds all three of these acts; Universal Consciousness, the great knowing. Practicing with remembrance of Shiva Nataraja’s Abhaya Mudra; Fear not; it’s all going to be OK.

Jenna Richards 

Yoni Shakti (women’s yoga) Raise your awareness and awaken your inner goddesses with this Yoni Shakti (Women’s Yoga) class. Inspired the cycles of the moon and the earth this class will explore empowering practices to foster a connection with your feminine intuitive wisdom and connect you with your inner teacher. Movements will be fluid and flowing like water, while we also focus on grounding to the earth allowing us to connect with ourselves and bring awareness to our heart space and creative centre. Marketing for Yoga Teachers and Therapists (talk) Giving you the peace of mind to manage your own marketing Frustrated by Facebook? Wondering about Websites? Baffled by blogs? Then come along to learn about marketing tools and techniques for Yoga Teachers and Therapists. Understand how to identify your audience and the importance of targeting your marketing. Gain an insight into Facebook pages and ads, as well as websites and blogs. Better marketing means more students. Can you afford not to come along…?

Jennifer Spafford

Barre by the Sea offers high energy fitness classes to strengthen, tone and improve flexibility. Barre is made up of a unique set of exercises designed to target and fatigue each individual muscle group with small repetitive movements. Inspired by Ballet and Pilates, Barre requires no previous dance experience. It will leave you feeling worked from head to toe!

Julie Bonheme

An hour and a half holistic hatha flow Yoga practice, balancing strength and flexibility, effort and surrendering. The class will include gentle warm ups, breath kriyas, dynamic, energizing and uplifting asanas, as well as longer held releasing poses, pranayama practice and relaxation. Suitable for all levels.


Kelly Broderick

Blindfold yoga

Why would anyone try yoga blindfolded? Isn’t it difficult enough to breathe, find your alignment and balance without the added complication of not being able to see? Practising yoga with a blindfold could in fact be a huge eye-opener!

When you practise blindfolded, your gaze is forced to go inwards. No one, including you, can even see what it looks from the outside. You simply have to let go of your fear of being wrong, and trust that where you are is okay.

It’s liberating. 

It’s a challenge. 


Don't take our word for it come try it for yourself!

Newquay Dance Collective 

Newquay Dance Collective will be popping up throughout the day with a small extract from their new project 'Bookworms: Short Stories in Dance'

Leigh Anne Cooper

Power Warrior class for men.  Tapping into the empowering masculine Yang energy. Grounding and heat generating. Creating energy and confidence to stand strong, stand in their power and take life by the balls.

Miranda Howard

CONTEMPORARY DANCE: A movement workshop suitable for all levels of dance experience. We will be exploring spirals, breath, and gravity using techniques from contemporary dance, release technique and some ideas borrowed from yoga!

Symi fuchs warner

Forrest Yoga is the perfect class for people of all abilities, especially beginners and those with injuries. Relieve those stressed out necks and shoulders, get to know your body and say hello to your Spirit! Forrest Yoga challenges you to access your whole being, and to use Forrest as a stepping stone on your journey to letting go the emotional and mental blocks that keep you from sparkling in your life. The practice is founded on the pillars of Breath, Strength, Integrity, Spirit and Beauty – and you don’t need to be super strong or flexi: you just need a willingness to learn how to feel, and respond honestly to your body’s voice. Forrest Yoga will challenge you to heal, grow and open your heart! It honours and celebrates the beauty of life, teaches you to access your intuition and deepens your relationship with yourself. This class will teach you to feel and move energy as you ride your breath through pranayama, abdominal work and intelligent sequencing. You’ll create space in your joints and begin to build the foundation for advanced poses: inversions, back bends, deep hip openers, and arm balances. Caring hands-on assists throughout the class will help melt tension and encourage your body and brain to just…let…go……..

Vicki Terry

Demonstrations and have-a-go Aerial Fitness, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hoop, Pole Fitness and Lollipop.

Zoe Mote

The Yoga Hub Fest After Party!

A fun, relaxed but UPBEAT dance class sure to get to you in the party mood.

A teacher led dance class to some party favourites to give you some dance move ideas for later on in the evening. 

No experience in Dance necessary, just the enthusiasm to give some movement a go in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. 


Do as little or as much as you would like, the routines will slowly build up in energy and difficulty allowing you to find where is good for you. 

Amy Swanson 

A Pilates mat workout emphasising flow with dynamic and organic movements. The class includes spirals which tap into natural movement patterns that our bodies crave. A class that also stretches and integrates the fascia whilst keeping your mind focused and present with the fluid wave-like motions that match the oceanic surroundings. We will also use sound in different breath patterns to release and remove restrictions in the trunk.

Abbey Myners

7 Crystal Sound Bowl Chakra alignment a with Crystal Sound Activation - the intention is to bring about a relaxed theta state to allow deep healing and transformation throughout all the bodies and Chakras.

Catherine Jefferson

DRU Yoga workshop: suitable for everyone; modifications offered. The class includes: 


Activations, Body preps, Energy Block Release Sequence (unique to Dru Yoga), Asana, Pranayama and a guided 3 part Relaxation: relaxing the physical body, relaxing the subtle body then re-energising the body.


Christie O'Callaghan

Introduction to the movements and music of Capoeira Angola - a beginners class in the fundamental movements and gameplay of Capoeira Angola, the traditional style of this Afro-Brazilian art form. The session will involve yogaesque stretching and warm down and if time permits touch upon the music that accompanies the movement. Capoeira is a language – it is a manifestation of corporal, mental and spiritual expression. The teacher or mestre teaches his students the ‘words’ so that they might communicate, and with time and experience they can develop their own ‘phrases’ and ‘sentences’ with their own unique style. Theories of diverse anthropologists indicate that Capoeira obtained its movement copying the actualities and ways of animals like the monkey, the camel, the crocodiles and the fight of the cobras amongst others.


Pablo Picasso was reported to have said “Art washes away the dust of everyday life from the soul”; using this principle as the central premise, the one hour workshop will concentrate on using art as a cathartic, expressive process whilst enabling you to become comfortable with letting your instincts be in control. We are all creative beings but sometimes we can become blocked; ‘Mindful Art - Finding you inner Avatar’ will provide you with an organic opportunity to recognise, empower and celebrate your inner self through a fun and freeing process complemented by creative interpretation, exploration and mindfulness.

Dana Franks

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness and I am offering an experience which encompasses asana (postures and movement) pranayama (breath control) with mantra (chanting) and mudra (symbolic hand gestures). This occurs in the form of a kundalini kriya which literally means ‘action’ and takes you through a set pattern of movement designed for a particular outcome. A meditation is included as part of the practise and there will also be a short relaxation during which time you integrate the whole process. This ancient technology balances your glandular and nervous systems, boosting your energy and bringing emotions into balance. It is a sublime and expansive experience and one I am keen to share with such a wonderful group of people coming together. There is power in community and a shared experience is doubled in effectiveness. Kundalini is accelerated in its approach and you will feel yourself on a whole new level of being. You will be warmly welcomed by Darshan who holds the space for beginners and advanced alike.

Heather Robertson 

Heather has been teaching Yoga for 20 years, and has developed her style from an external approach to a more integrated practice, based on her studies in CranioSacral Therapy. 

Vanda Scaravelli’s way of working with the Breath, Gravity and the Spine complements Dr. John Upledger’s understanding of the Central Nervous System and the positive affects of working within our own range of movement. 


The sessions are relaxed, fun & informative and tailored to the individual, so they can personalise their practice, gain a deeper understanding of their bodies, and ultimately become empowered through their own wellbeing.

James Carl Maufe

This workshop will be based on human movement and will present participants from all levels of exposure to different forms of practice and thinking on movement, physicality and the body with reflections into our lives and being. Movement is widely accepted as an effective force for developing our brains, bodies and awareness. * No prior experience with any form of physical practice is required. The materials are constructed in a way that should challenge all levels. We will focus on organic mobility, footwork, balance, locomotion patterns and stillness.

Jenny Ella


Take an hour long vacation! Life-enhancing, beat-bumping, hip-hop yoga flow to nourish your body and calm your mind.

60 minutes of high energy, freedom flow yoga, pumped with hip-hop tunes, moving in a way that helps you connect with how you feel, move how it feels good, and ready to take on whatever life throws your way.

Make it your own yoga. All levels welcome.


Your body gets stronger and more supple.

Your mind becomes clear, you are in the flow.

Stress dissolves. Your health shines.


Your life gets fun, fearless, fabulous.

Julie Poole

Finding Freedom - Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Let go of the need to force or strive and instead befriend yourself with this nurturing soulful practice. Somewhere between ground and sky meet yourself as you are, a mindful journey to a deeper you. Postures will unfold in their own way, a way you may not have experienced before. Movement starts small and flowers into freedom. Heart and mind have the chance to open as breath expands. This session aims to delight and inspire you in your own practice, whatever form that habitually takes and whether you’re new to the magical world of yoga or an old hand! Julia teaches instinctively based on years of her own deeply embedded practice, training and teaching. This makes every session unique and a reflection of the group’s energy as well as Vanda Scaravelli’s unique approach. Expect a sense of peace, softening, release, playfulness and laughter.

Jock Orton

Traditional Ashtanga Counted Vinyasa Class

This class will be an introduction to the traditional Ashtanga counted method of vinyasa yoga. The founder of Ashtanga yoga, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois originally taught a counted Ashtanga class and many people who practice Ashtanga today don’t realise that every yoga asana has a specific number of vinyasa’s and breaths attached to it.


The purpose of the count is to align the breath with the movement. Just as the breath is the thread that links the movements, so the count is another thread or sutra, that is woven with the breath to create the fabric of our practice. Each time we practice using the count, we create another thread that is woven into the fabric of our previous practice. Over time and practice, this fabric becomes a beautiful garment that is part of our lives.  


This class is a chance to experience the traditional counted Ashtanga yoga practice working through the Primary Series (and a few poses from the Intermediate series). It is a dynamic class that will allow you to deepen your practice drawing the thread of your breath and movement together in perfect union.

Louise McCutcheon

Parvati Vinyasa Flow

“Mother, yogini

Powerful mountain girl wife

Parvati is Love”

Parvati’s unique energy can help us to find a balance between strength and softness. Her energy is a mixture of two feminine poles. She is a strong goddess related to Durga and Kali yet she’s also a goddess of love. She’s powerful and she’s tender, she’s wilful and she’s playful, she’s a supreme yogini.

Olivier John Maxted & Megan Selby

Connecting with your voice, connecting with your heart.

Resonant journeys with Sound Bath Healing. With a wonderful array of musical instruments they bring you a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and enlightening experience. The space created for you is dynamic, peaceful, safe and transformative. Connecting with Healing Vibration and Song with Olivier and Megan is truly special. They travel widely and bring through medicine in vibrational form from places and spirit all over the world. The energy of the land is key to their work. The alchemy of Olivier’s didjeridoo playing and Megan’s ancestral transcendental voice connects you to something far beyond words

Marcus Kenny

Slackline area for beginners including open access slacklines, beginner slackline workshops and slackline Yoga for beginners.

Malcolm Bray 

I have been studying various martial arts for 35 years I finally found Indonesian Penkac Silat around 15 years ago, I was one of a group of the first Europeans to visit and train with the Minangkabau tribes of West Sumatra, this was 5 years ago. I am also qualified sivananda yoga teacher.


For the yoga hub fest i will be teaching the basic animal postures flow sequences and partner flow drills with some demonstrations of self defence applications, however as it is an introduction it will be relaxed slow and soft.