Speakers Corner

Regularly topping up the inspiration levels is great for focus, energy and all-round happiness. Enjoy Yoga Hub Fests collection of some of the most motivating and informative talks around.


Warning: listening  may result in a serious surge of get-up-and-go.

Felicity Louise 

I will be sharing my experience of how meditation, yoga & self love helped me overcome 20 years of abusing drugs, alcohol, bulimia, binge eating, chronic stress, excessive work & partying, anxiety & panic attack’s.

Lucinda Pimlott

Sunday 2 pm

Establishing a Daily Routine: an Ayurvedic approach to maintaining good health includes cleansing practices, massage, yoga and meditation; as well as understanding your basic constitution and how to restore balance accordingly.

Victoria Adams

Saturday 12:30 pm

The “no-diet” way to eat for health and longevity

Learn about eating for your happiness and your health, how you can approach eating for optimised fat loss and vitality, without compromising on your social life and the normal demands of life that tend to get in the way of reaching your health and fitness goals.

Heather Robertson 


Come learn about CranioSacral Therapy.  A gentle hands on technique which works with the body’s own ‘inner physician’ to release tension in and around the Central Nervous System, to aid health  & wellbeing.

Helen Greenway 

Come join us on a wild escapade around the site to find what marvellous superfoods we have on our doorstep. We may even make a lovely wild soothing tea

It's great to know a few simple herbs that are growing to keep us in touch with mother nature around us:)

Jenna Richards 

Sunday 12:30 

Giving you the peace of mind to manage your own marketing

Frustrated by Facebook? Wondering about Websites? Baffled by blogs? Then come along to learn about marketing tools and techniques for Yoga Teachers and Therapists. Understand how to identify your audience and the importance of targeting your marketing. Gain an insight into Facebook pages and ads, as well as websites and blogs. Better marketing means more students. Can you afford not to come along…?